Back Wall Sill Repair

Restoration work on the Middle Valley Community Center

This sill was a challenge to replace. The exterior out house blocked access to the foundation from the outside and the inside was over a very tight crawl space. The crawl space could not be accessed for any kind of work. It was decided to approach the repair from the inside by removing sections of flooring. The current floor is something we would like to eventually replace so we were fine with this approach. Once the old sill, (what was left of the old sill) was removed, a new white oak member was installed. The majority of the beams used in the building are of Chestnut, which is no longer available.

The building has had 3 floors since it was built. When the stage was built, it appears most of the the original floor was removed and a new one installed. Under the stage are remnants of very wide 1700's era flooring which is also evident in the photo with Charlie VanStone inspecting work (4th left photo). But if you view the floor from the basement, there are no wide boards evident accept the few under the stage. The builders did slope the floor towards the stage so maybe the original floor was left over the crawl space and as it sloped towards the stage they removed the flooring to maintain the angle.

The Chapel


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