Restoration work on the Middle Valley Cultural Center

Basement Repairs

The basement walls needed re pointing, repair and some rebuilding. The old fireplace once backed to an exterior wall but now marks the beginning of the crawl space. No longer used for it's intended use it is still a functional part of the foundation as a support for the main floor beam.

Floor joists are all notched into the main center beam but were not pinned with pegs. Over the years the foundation has moved which caused the joists to pull away from the center beam. It was recommended to strengthen the floor joists with 6" x 4" x 6", 3/8" thick metal L-shaped brackets, bolted to the main center beam with 3/8" lag bolts and attached to the joist by sandwiching the joist between two metal brackets and using treaded rod with washers and nuts to lock all three pieces together.

The Chapel


Photos © 2015 Paul Krylowski

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