Handicap Accessibility

Restoration work on the Middle Valley Community Center

Part of our goal when working on the 2004 Restoration Project was to include handicap accessibility to the building. We previously had a makeshift ramp of concrete and dirt but this was just meant to be temporary. We incorporated a new ramp by extending the porch and connecting it to our outhouse. The extension was kept separate from the building, a little narrower than the porch and was made self standing, not attached to the building for maintenance reasons.

Our location limits access to the building without assistance due to our very small lot size. There is no parking, we use a private landowners field for events and we are very close to Rt 513, on a slight curve, which makes car drop off very dangerous. A motorized scooter would be the best choice for access but only if ground conditions are favorable. Any rain or snow the day before would make a mess of your scooter.

The Chapel


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