The Middle Valley Community Center
requires a new roof!

We have been putting "band-aids" on this roof for years but we must now act to save the building from further damage. There is much work the Community Center building requires so we have prioritized and chosen to move forward with the roof without waiting for State grant funding conditions to become more favorable. If you can financially help in any way it would be appreciated.

Any funds not used for the roof will be put towards other important repairs such as the rear foundation. When possible we use volunteer labor for repairs. The window repairs are a good example but the roof requires more than volunteer labor can provide. So please consider making a donation towards maintaining an important structure and symbol of our community.

Below are some images of the roof condition. These photos were taken in November 2018 when volunteers cleaned and caulked a number of leaking seams.

200 more years for the Middle Valley Community Center!

Photos © 2015 Paul Krylowski

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